Welcome to the Real Deal

I tend to be frank and air on the side of honesty. I have thoughts and opinions about everything, and try not to be sorry for them. I value hard work and effort. I am completely turned off by people who live life with an attitude of defeat. Mostly because, I don’t think there is anything I can not do. I may have a glimmer of doubt about some things, but never will I let that glimmer become anything but that — a f*cking glimmer.

I have a mouth on me and like to use the f word periodically, I think it has to do with the fact I was never allowed to curse at home or in front of my mother, so I take full advantage when I can.

I don’t love often, but when I do I love hard. New year new me.

Welcome to pinkrosesandredwine in 2013!

I’m only myself after the hours of 9-5 and at Happy Hour

What does it mean to be authentic?

As I go through what one might call a quarter life crisis, I’ve tried to identify traits that I hold dear to me in all of my relationships. Knowing that authenticity and one’s ability to remain consistent to some degree is of importance to me, I try to hold on to the people in my life that I feel are truly being themselves. But then I couldn’t help but challenge/ critic my own thought process. Knowing that I am going through a ” quarter life crisis”, where I am trying to find myself, how can I expect the people in my life to know themselves to a higher degree than I do? What makes it okay for me to be inconsistent and on my journey, but not okay for others? To be honest the truth is, it makes ME feel better to have some consistency in my life, meaning that those in my life need to have things already figured out!
So knowing that is completely unreasonable and stupid, what can I do to prevent these high expectations from bubbling up in my mind?  Seeing people for the good they bring to the table rather than what they bring to ME is one way to look at it, though it may be asking too much in the moment. If I’m being honest.
I’ve dedicated to judge based on authenticity and one’s ability to remain true to their core values in all situations. Consistency  can no longer be the gauge,but  AUTHENTICITY I can certainly respect.