Lions and Tigers and Cellphones Oh My!

I hate the phone, I slightly even hate text messaging. The thought of holding a rectangular shaped item to my ear literally makes me cringe and want to live like a cave person (after they figured out the whole fire part). Maybe I’m lazy, or maybe I am anti-technology, and can not appreciate the advances we’ve  made since the ’40s, I do not care. I am a  face to face connection kind of person. I am the girl in the office who gets up to talk to Molly even though her desk is more than 20 steps away. Yes, I could send an e-mail or call her, but NO I’d rather speak words to her face!

Have we become a society in which face to face communication is passé? Are we too cool to get up and walk over to people’s desks, meet up for coffee, or have weekly brunch dates? Do we only respond to vibrating rectangles and high pitched noises coming from our purses/ pockets?  Dear God, I hope not

I hope not, or I will lose ALL my friends…

My Love Affair with Falling in Like

Why is that women don’t feel complete without the love and affection from a man? Okay so maybe the last statement may have been a little broad but nonetheless most of you know where I’m coming from. Life is just so different when you’re checking your phone every time you think you heard a vibration or magically you hear the new ringtone you just downloaded ( that you programmed just for him) don’t judge, you know you’ve all done it before. Point blank you walk a little taller, smile a little bigger, and even dress a little sexier( not sluttier ladies, just sexier), Courtney at the office doesn’t bother you ohh so very much and you can’t even explain this giddyness except to proclaim ” he said.. Have a great morning!”

I’m not saying it’s pathetic, because honestly thats what all of us young women are looking for. To know that you are being thought of and to know that he (in your most girly voice of voices) has been thinking about you. Your thoughts are consumed and all you want to do is spend more time with that person. You’ve thought about your next conversation, your next date, hell your wedding, honeymoon suite and what (insert children’s’ names here) will look like in the annual family Christmas card.

So ladies how is it that this man can alter us in such a way after a few dates? How is it possible to be so topsy turvy, so infatuated, so “in like” and so excited for something so new?

It’s natural, its’ what keeps the excitement in our lives. I mean who doesn’t love love? Who wouldn’t want someone to love you for you, someone who adores you? I mean come on you’ve just spent some of that rent money on a new outfit, new clutch and M.A.C eye shadow just for him! ( all of which I have done in the past, and do not condone let’s be financially smart here)  And then it hits you, the first time he sees you without makeup and says “You’re so beautiful”. You melt. You die. You want to immediately call your girlfriends and gush even before you have the time to breathe and say “Thank you”.

And when this new infatuation wears off and you find out that he may not be the guy for you. Remember that this love/ infatuation thing happens at first with everyone, it’s up to you to not be lazy and find the right one for you!

Go out there, BE YOU and find him ladies.