About the Author

Hello!  My name is Tatiana, I am a twenty-something year old female currently living in New York City. I recently moved from Boston, MA. I went to Syracuse University and immediately started working for a large retail company, and have full intentions on becoming a Buyer.  The idea for pinkroses & redwine came to me one summer day after realizing that life is not solely about climbing the corporate ladder and reaching a title and a pay raise( though $$ are always nice).  I realized that just because I didn’t major in all of my areas of interest, didn’t mean that I couldn’t accomplish all of dreams. That afternoon, I mustered enough courage to follow through on a new project, writing (See my very first blog post “An Ode to Ms. Barbara Walters” for more details! ). It was then, that pinkroses & redwine was born.

This blog is about my life, my life lessons, my thoughts, and interactions with people. It’s my take on the world.

Here are the tales of my journey…


6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Wowie! I LOVE your blog! At the first sight, it’s SO pretty to look at! Once I stopped ogling at the design, I read your posts! Love them! 🙂 Just wanted to say- You’re doing a great job! 🙂

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