Feedback is my worst best friend

I’ve grown up in an age where seeking feedback is the lifeline to success. Asking for feedback and interpreting it into the needs of the business or of the team can be the difference between a promotion and a demotion.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I utilize this business inter personal skill in my personal life as well. What I’m finding, is that much like at work not all feedback is solicited and useful in the words they may be conveyed with. I’m finding that everyone is going through their own journeys and life lessons, but their life lessons may not be in sync with my own lessons. I’m trying to get a better sense of how to maintain myself within all of my relationships, and the best way I know how is to listen when feedback is being given, try to really listen to what that person really may be trying to say, remain calm, and until I fully process say “thanks, ill think about that more”.

 What I am finding is that relationships are work, but not every conversation requires me to alter who I really am at my core..

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