Be Aggressive. B-E Aggressive

Life is too short to be messing around not going for what you want. No matter how big or small, find some time to find yourself and do things that make you happy!  Who knows what could come of your “hobby”. I recently went to a farmer’s market in the South End and spoke to this guy selling pasta sauce. He had worked in Corporate America for something like 25 years before he decided to follow his true passion in life (apparently he really loved him some pasta sauce making).  Point is, he spent 5 years perfecting his craft, and is now happy as can be with his jars selling at $6 a pop in the local  New England grocery store. It’s also a positive that he isn’t poor. Had to point that one out. Following your passions are a lot more fun when you can afford the lights and rent. ( OKAY….and those new shoes too 🙂 )

What I’m trying to get at is that the solution may not be quitting your job, but start doing the things that make you happy in your free time. Today I would like to lounge in pajamas after work and plan my wedding. No I am NOT engaged or even close to it, but hell it makes me happy, why not do it?

Here’s the link to my favorite wedding blog:


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