An Ode to Ms. Barbara Walters

Welcome to 3rd Grade. Mrs. Rosenfeld’s Class . Voorhees Elementary School.

“Pick someone who you what to be like when you grow up. Everyone will do a presentation of their  person.”

I picked Barbara Walters. I wanted to be a journalist, write about current events and broadcast them on the Morning News. I wanted to be able to share my stories with the world and make an impact on someone’s life much like Ms. Barbara Walters did for me.

15 years later…

After majoring in Accounting, Retail Management, and Marketing. I have found myself in Boston, working for a multi-billion dollar retail company, climbing the corporate ladder to the coveted position of  Buyer. All in the hopes of traveling across the globe selecting the key fashion items we will be wearing in the next season. In this exciting and fast-paced industry I have been fortunate to learn a lot about business, but most importantly a lot about myself. My only issue was there was no hot story to cover, no news desk, no interviews, steno pads, or copy that needed editing…

enter—>  pinkroses & redwine. The blog that promises to be honest and truthful about everything and anything. I have decided to share my experiences, lessons, thoughts, tips, tricks, and viewpoints.  Mainly because I wish someone would have told me this before!

So here  I go.. following in the footsteps of Ms. Walters with my own twist !

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